We all have been there, walking around your house and you step in a puddle. There is no worse feeling especially if you are wearing socks. Here at Sherlock Leak Detection, we make sure that this doesn’t happen. We have experienced leak detection specialists that stop at nothing until the source of the leak is found.

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Stopping your leaks and preventing them from becoming larger issues is our priority.

We use innovative technology to find, isolate, and fix your leak. We send someone immediately after talking with you to ensure that your leak is being fixed before there is a messy cleanup.

We work hard and efficiently in order to ease your stress making sure that your leak is quickly and correctly fixed. Call 602-560-3753 today to get one of our Phoenix, AZ specialists to inspect your leak.

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We focus on your concerns

Here at Sherlock Leak Detection, we listen to our customers and make sure that they are getting the best service possible. Not only are we efficient, but we also pay close attention to detail making sure that nothing is missed. We are a company based out of the heart of Phoenix, Arizona and pride ourselves on being punctual and dependable. If you need a leak specialist that is ready to find a solution to any leak problem.

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