In Phoenix, Arizona having a pool is one of the best luxuries to break away from the scorching heat. Your pool is great for entertainment for your family, friends, and guests coming to visit your house. Sherlock Leak Detection can tackle any leak issues that you might be having in your pool.

Swimming Pool Leaks are the worst because even small leaks can cause large water bills and property damage. Research has shown that 20% of pools have small leaks that you don’t even know about. Sherlock Leak Detection offers leak specialists that have years of experience finding leaks in pools all throughout Arizona.

The technology we use to find your pool leak is non-destructive which means that we do not touch anything until the source of the leak is properly located. After the leak is located we make sure that we are able to give you the necessary repairs in order to go back to using your beloved pool.

Why are pool leaks so serious?

Even a small leak in a pool’s plumbing system that is under a minimal amount of pressure could lose around 1000 gallons of water a day. This can result in a huge water bill if not found quickly. Sherlock Leak Detection advises that you check your pool and plumbing system regularly. Contact us today for any Pool Leak Detection questions.

Signs that you could have a leak in your swimming pool:

  • Gaps or irregular surfaces in the deck of the pool.
  • Water level drops more than ¼ everyday
  • Unusual wet spots surrounding the pool or grass.
  • Unanticipated spike in water bill
  • Air bubbles in your water

Sherlock Leak Detection understands the importance of timely and accurate detection and repair of a pool or outdoor water leak. Leaks will waste gallons upon gallons of water that appears on the water bill of a homeowner. Leaks in the pool can cause excessive property or landscaping damage. Walk around inspections should take place everyday in order to ensure there are no potential leaks in your swimming pool. Call Sherlock Leak Detection immediately if you suspect a leak in your pool.