Sherlock Leak Detection has a great reputation known for fixing slab leakage all throughout the Valley. We offer fast responding leak specialists that come out immediately to find the source of your leak. Our success comes from our amazing customer service, our customers continuously use us because we get the job done right.

Normally slab leaks are not easily visible to a homeowner, these leaks will often go undetected for long periods of time. Leaving a possible slab leak unattended can lead to much bigger issues. Mold damage and termite infestation are common issues found in an undetected slab leak. It is important that you know the subtle indicators that might mean you have a slab leak.

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A slab leak is an industry term used to describe a leak that has formed under the concrete foundations of your home in the copper water lines. Leaks that are above ground, are known as pinhole leaks in the wall or ceiling. These slab leaks are often the result of long-term corrosion.

You might have a slab leak if:

  • Increases or abnormalities in your water bill.
  • Smell of sewer or mold.
  • Sounds coming from the walls.
  • Water spots on floors or carpet.
  • Usually low water pressure.
  • Cracks in baseboards or walls.

We offer Slab Leak Detection throughout Phoenix, Arizona

Our slab leak detection specialists will come to your property and determine the location of the leak and give you an estimate how long it will take to repair. Each slab leak is different so it must be inspected in order to determine the scope of work. Certain small leaks could take half a day and larger leaks could take up to 4 days to repair. Contact Sherlock Leak Detection today to get your slab leak inspected!